Confessions of COMM 200

April 18, 2011

Public Relations Pros

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Monday April 18, 2011 (TWO classes left until the Final!)

Class began with the presentation of group projects as each product PR team showed us their stuff.

We’re all excited to get our hands on cream cheese sunblock, mayonnaise hair conditioner, chocolate penicillin, and lemon lattes. Maybe we should all go out and get some on FRIDAY.

Professor Crowe pointed out to us that each of our PSAs mentioned our product which turned the radio spot into more of a commercial rather than a PSA. So we’ve been granted a chance to try and mend our ways for next class and write a PSA that pertains to the month and cause we were assigned with our product.

We also have a group evaluation to turn in, the evaluation should include:

  • How many times you and your group met
  • What percentage of the work each of you did
  • Who was in your group and what your product was
  • What you learned

We began the presentations of our individual radio projects and a few brave souls took the first hit.

Haely’s story about a docudrama clocked in at 46 seconds.

Adam’s nose plugs plug made it in at 44 seconds.

Paul’s terrible accent and Sunset Sarsaparilla came in at 44 seconds.

John and the Georgetown Douchebags brought Professor Crowe to tears and lasted 41 seconds.

And Meg and her fight against cancer with the aid of lemon lattes wrapped things up with 37 seconds.

Don’t forget that we have TWO classes left and our Final exam is scheduled for Thursday the 28th bright and early at 8:30 AM




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