Confessions of COMM 200

April 9, 2011

The Crowe has left the nest…

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Unfortunately we have press kits to figure out and we still haven’t hatched.


Professor Crowe started class off by passing back our graded articles and assignments.  We thought our grades would be the worst of the morning…until we remembered our PSA’s were actually being timed.


We went around the class reading our PSAs while the stopwatch ticked.  We heard warnings against tanning and long distance relationships, an announcement about how to recognize if someone has caught “Hipsteritas”, as well as an encouragement to give blood.  Good job to those who hit the 45 second mark!


We then wrote a press release for A&W’s new Blueberry Soda.  The aim was to focus on providing a healthy product that was also scrumptious.

Key points:

try to create a picture of the product that will attract readers’ attention and act as a magnet

add spin to make people want the product

there are always 2 angles for every product, pick which will work best


Homework: write a press release for each of the following products. Refer to page 194 in the text book for help.  Include the headline, deck work, lede paragraph, contact information, and a picture.


Develop a PR strategy which will include the following:

1.      A Press Release: Write the press release and detail who you will send it to.

2.      A Press Conference: Who will speak? What elements will be there?


The Spy Museum

The Spy Museum is struggling.  Because of the bad economy, many school districts around the country have halted out-of-town field trips.  That means there are fewer busloads of students coming to tour the sights in Washington.  It is estimated that 100,000 fewer people will visit the museum this year.  The director of the museum thinks that it might be able to get more local kids into the museum this summer when they’re out of school.  You have been hired to create a campaign to increase attendance to the museum by 15%.


The KFC Boutique

People just aren’t eating fried chicken like they used to.  All the Healthy Easting campaigns have resulted in plunging sales for KFC.  So the company has decided to branch out.  They’ve hooked up with a clothing designed named Koko Fitch, owner of Koko Fitch Clothing (also KFC) and plan to open up boutiques in all of its chicken stores called Kentucky Fine Clothing.  Now, they need a PR campaign to shift the image of KFC from a chicken place to a chicken and clothing place.  The goal is to increase sales at the combined stores by 10%.


IBM Shred-It Events

IBM has decided to launch a community service campaign to help prevent identity theft.  It will host monthly events where people can bring up to 5 boxes of personal papers to its parking lot, and staffers will shred the papers for free, using IBM machines, of course.  Two Shred-It events have already been held, and turnout was overwhelming.  But to continue, IBM needs volunteers from within its company.  In fact, 15 volunteers are needed every month.  But the events are held on Saturdays, and no one wants to volunteer.  You have been asked to encourage volunteerism within IBM.  (Your “news conference” will be at a company-wide meeting where the announcement will be held).


Homework is due Monday, April 18th.


The Crowe has flown. Which means Monday and Thursday we do not have class.  But remember to meet with your groups about your press kits.


Both our press kits and our individual radio spots (which need to be 45 seconds on anything) are due on Monday, April 18th.  You will get extra credit if you video tape your PSA for your press kit.


Lastly, if you are missing grades on Blackboard, print out the assignments and turn them in again!


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