Confessions of COMM 200

April 4, 2011

Thursday, March 31

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On Thursday, we learned the ins and outs of writing reviews. We took a few notes on what a review is and the types of reviews you could write (They range from movie reviews to CD’s, shows and sports).

  • A review makes the decision on whether you want to buy a product or go to an event

Movie reviews

  • Whether you agree with the opinion (after)
  • To find out about the movie (before)
  • Whether you like it or not


  • Catch more (what you may have missed)
  • Different perspective
  • Add information

How to write a review

  1. Synopsis (context)
  2. Positives and negatives

We then listened to the harmonious melodies of Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” and wrote a review on it. Professor Crowe encouraged us to be as vitriolic as we wanted to be, and poor Rebecca Black was verbally bashed again and again.

Homework assignment

Write a review on anything you want, whether it be movie, CD, theater performance or concert. Just make sure that it’s something remotely well known so that Professor Crowe can know what the hell you’re talking about. Good luck!

Hoai-Tran Bui.


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