Confessions of COMM 200

March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28

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Today we spent a stressful day in the newsroom creating an evening broadcast for EAC News. The broadcast had news, weather and sports segments. The stories, both local and national, featured a missing Cobra, the Blue Man Group, the Cherry Blossom Festival and March Madness.  Kelsey, Trey and Tala did great jobs as editors! Everyone else showed their ability to write stories on the spot. The activity demonstrated that working for a broadcast studio requires quick writing, and maybe some improvisation, as well as clear organization and specialization of tasks. Great work everyone!

We also learned the different between that and which. That signifies essential information, while which signifies optional information. A helpful reminder:

Go to the third house that has red shutters.

Go to the third house which has red shutters.

The homework assignment for Thursday, March 31:

The directions are listed on pg. 188 of the textbook under #3 – Turn this newspaper story into a radio brief. On pg. 49 of the textbook there is a story about a campus dog controversy. Turn this newspaper article into a 45 second radio brief for the American University Campus Radio (WAMU). Include one or two cuts to a different speaker and in your script, include the complete wording and timing of the cuts. Pgs. 178 and 179 have helpful information on how to write for radio.

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