Confessions of COMM 200

March 27, 2011

March 24, 2011

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Professor Crowe stated that Chardonnay helps grading and it reflected when we received our headlines back.  More Chardonnay during finals week!!  We played a fun game that Semi-colon-oscopy dominated.  Homework, Blue-dye #6, headline, blurb, sidebar, multimedia, story.

Important dates:

11 April – no class but groups should meet to work on the group project

14 April – Individual Project Due, Substitute (Behave!)

18 April – Group Project Due

21 April – Last day of class


Group Project – Press kit

Individual Project – 45-second radio spot, more info to follow.


Group 1. Tala, Alex, Kayla, Allie (Chocolate penicillin)

Group 2. Nicole, Haely, Trey, Joe (Cream-cheese sunblock)

Group 3. Sara, Kelsey, Paul (Tomato mouthwash)

Group 4. HT, Danielle, Michelle, Meg (Starbucks lemon latte)

Group 5. Ari, John, Adam (Mayonnaise infused conditioner)



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