Confessions of COMM 200

February 11, 2011

“The Phone Rings, It’s Evelyn Y. Davis…”

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Today, February 10, 2011

We began class today receiving old quizzes and papers. You could sense the excitement and anticipation in everyone who was eager to read their very interesting and detailed obituaries.

Today’s class was fun in a kind of morbid way as we began it by reading our obituaries! Some family members found this subject a little touchy and will probably be calling the school or sending some nasty e-mails. Some of us including Paul, Sarah and I even blamed are horrible deaths on Professor Crowe, so we got her back a little (: Everyone did a great job.

After reading the obituaries we turned them in and got settled in our nice comfy chairs and listened to Professor Crowe read her favorite story of all time from the Washington Post about Evelyn Y. Davis.  This story was very, very long but everyone enjoyed the different detail,  sequence, attribution, and other literary aspects of the enchanting story. The most memorable parts the class found included hot pants, spiked red hair, face lifts as compared to a rabbit, and Evelyn Y. Davis’s absurd personality and demands for recognition.

Before we were let free Professor Crowe gave us a little gift. With Valentines Day or Single Awareness Day for some of us right around the corner ,Professor Crowe decided to take pity on those of us who will be more worried about our sweethearts than COMM quizzes and cancelled the dreaded quiz

Our homework that will be due on Monday is to write a 400 word profile on yourself. You can find more information on writing profiles on page 124 about, “Capturing personalities by painting word pictures.”



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  1. NO _ NOT on yourself. I have already heard all I need to know about each of you. This assignment is for a profile of someone else. NOT YOU.
    Questions, I’m at

    Comment by Adell Crowe — February 11, 2011 @ 4:25 pm | Reply

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