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January 24, 2011

January 24th – Just Another Manic Monday in COMM 200

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Well class began with a super fun quiz.

I guess we all learned it is best to study class work, read every detail of the text assigned (and then reread it), as well as pay attention to the news.

We never know what news information will show up on quizzes, or what helpful hints will show up in the blog feed. It will be pretty helpful to check the blog before bed on the night before a quiz!

After the mildly confidence killing quiz we went over the homework assignment and reading the ledes we wrote for the Romeo and Juliet assignment. It was very interesting to hear the tale of the star-crossed lovers with several different twists to the story.

Next we played a riveting game of who can write the best lede. Congrats to the winners!

Here are the sentences we were given if anyone wants to practice writing more ledes:

It is essential that she make a decision to make her first semester at college and all of her semesters productive.

Amid the wide variety of French dining restaurants in Seattle, Marcel’s café does not stand out from its competition.

The scene at the beginning of the film is important to our later understanding to the two different personalities at war in Gollum’s head.

On rainy days there are few indoor areas on campus that are not constantly occupied by students.

Before anything else, get rid of the food coloring, especially in the potato salad, because you can just buy potatoes that are purple to begin with.

There is a tendency among students, many of whom may be seen to display anxiety at exam time, to cram more words into sentences in the hopes of impressing professors with the sheer bulk of their responses.

One of the most surprising aspects of the war was the fact that it was never officially declared a war by the president.

Here is the homework assignment just in case someone loses the sheet as well:

Re-write as a news story removing all excess verbiage.

Folk singer Heidi Bandolino, whose gentle guitar strumming moved million, has apparently committed suicide by drug overdose Sunday in her Malibu, Calif., home, authorities said yesterday. She was 63 years old.

            Bandolino’s housekeeper, since said to feel mortified, encountered her rigid corpse lying on a bed at about noon on Sunday, Los Angeles County coroner’s office spokesman Chet Herford said.

            A preliminary investigation indicated her death was a possible suicide by an overdose of a cocktail of drugs, said Herford, who indicated there was a lot of drug paraphernalia in Bandolino’s bedroom.

            Investigators have a suspicion that Bandolino passed away sometime after 9 p.m. Saturday after returning from a dinner engagement with her lawyer, Herford said. An autopsy will be held on Tuesday.

            A former long-haul trucker, Bandolino was “discovered” while serenading a bunch of fellow roadsters over a CB radio in 1982. Her best-known songs are “I Am Sky” and “A Cat Named Tuesday,” both released in 2003 under the Plume Inc. label.

            Bandolino found herself in headlines last month when her long-time boyfriends Claus Messersmythe was arrested for the murder of Phoenix guitarist Helga Thagwichner. Investigators found the charred remains of Thagwichner’s body in a building-owned by Messersmythe-completely burned to the ground.

I hope this helps and that I covered everything I needed to!

Best- Nicole


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  1. Guess everyone is heartbroken that class was snowed under. I for one was inconsolable. I had planned a round of “Learn this from the AP style book.” And another gripping 20 minutes of lede writing. Then we were moving on to more on commas and finally we were going to talk about verbs because there is apparently a disease going around that forces some of you to drop article and use weenie verbs when you face a computer screen. Instead of writing: “The students pummeled each other in a campus-wide snowball fight that sent three professors to the hospital.” You seem compelled to write “Students throw snowballs, three professors hospitalized.” It’s like you think writing for media is only writing headlines. Verbs are your nearest and dearest friends. See how a strong verb changes things here? John hit Joe vs. John smashed Joe’s nose so hard it came out the back of his head.”
    Assignments to come in this space. Stay tuned.

    Comment by Adell Crowe — January 27, 2011 @ 6:48 pm | Reply

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