Confessions of COMM 200

January 21, 2011

January 20–In which we use the beautiful Mac desktops

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I realized this is the inaugural blog post! I’m still a little hazy about what the format should be so don’t necessarily make this your template. Just enjoy it I suppose.

Today we scooted back to the gorgeous plastic curves of the new Macs and did some sentence editing. Seriously I could touch those computers for hours. We had to pare some sentences from a news story about violent anti-war protesters down to a reasonable size, removing cliches and wordy phrases and nonsense like “needless to say”. If it’s needless to say then don’t say it, stupid.

That was exciting. After that we got big slabs of information and had to chisel them into decent news ledes. (As an aside, spell-check and Wikipedia do not recognize ‘lede’ as a word. As they are the only two valid sources on the subject, I’m concerned.) We had some fun with Tombo, the gun-slinging, malnourished motor home dog. I was actually intrigued by the initial huge paragraph of disjointed information. I didn’t even need a lede.

We have homework! Don’t forget it! You need to write about 400 different ledes for the news story Professor Crowe handed out at the end. It’s about Romeo and Juliet. Spoiler alert.

I hope that’s all I need to do. Have a good weekend everyone!

–Adam Bradley


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  1. Nice post Adam. I counted, it isn’t exactly 400 ledes for Monday – but close. Also, for those who remember, there will be our inaugural quiz. Study but don’t miss any great TV, after all, there will be many quizzes and the fate of the world doesn’t rest on the outcome of this quiz(just yours!). Were I a student lucky enough to be in my class, I would study that comma handout. Re-read chapter three (for the record, that is the fourth time I have recommended that). Also, know your news in a general way, I’m not going to ask the 10 topics that Obama is going to talk about in the State of the Union, but I could ask what day it will be. Got it. Good. See you tomorrow.

    Comment by Adell Crowe — January 23, 2011 @ 11:28 pm | Reply

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